Xiaomi MIUI 8 6.7.29 BETA reviews

I am MI Red MI 2 prime user  recently i updated my device so that i can see upgradation and its issues done by MIUI .
initially set was lenthy more than the previous MIUI versions at first i was amazed to see because it took too long to install than it started i had seen some of the beautiful as well as worst part listed below :-
1.BOOT:- boot time has been improved superbly from 5-6 seconds to 3-4 seconds.
2.CALCULATOR:-  introduced with new options which work well more than enogh.
3.STATUS BAR:-status bar has been improved very well decent design with multiple options to switch.
4.LOCK SCREEN:-lock screen improved from previous versions of miui now it is provided with new wallpapers and also smooth unlocking with lesser time.
5.CAMERA:-camera has been improved by providing new interface with lots of features
6.CALENDER/WEATHER:-Here calender and weather appears good because there interface changes according to weather and month.
1.FIRST BOOT:normally first boot takes lot of time but this beta version takes so much time and also it shows some unexplainable problems with install percentage which seems faulty like 23% to directly 98% without any notification or regualar interval it suffers with animation failures
2.CAMERA:camera has been improved in case of interface but it still shows some faults like it can not diiferntiate between HDR and non HDR and also expore level and sharpness and contrast looks worst.Camera shows too much colour to the capured images.
3.LAGING ISSUES:-It laggs while working speed was good normally but during instagram it laggs.It hangs during media play.It shows 758 mb RAM free of 2 gb but still it lags.
4.GOOGLE PLAYSTORE CRASHES:It shows certain playstore crash during updating google play services which were slightly old for MIUI 8.
5.FALSE ANDROID VERSION:During update process it has been shown that MIUI 8 is upgraded to MARSHMALLOW ROM but in reallity it has been only updated to LOLIPOP OS 5.1.1 LMY47V
On the basis of above observed data i request MIUI TEAM to fix these issues so that they can serve better and also i request MIUI community members to spread this data to miui users so that they would not face any problems
i ll be thank full to all community members.
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